is one of the most popular poker website for real money online poker games especially for the residents of New Jersey. You don’t need to be physically present in a casino to play poker anymore. offers wide range of service to keep the entertainment upto the mark of real-time poker experience through their online site. They have extended their service to hand held iDevices by introducing an app with a very unique user interface. Users can easily download this app for free of cost from app store. Existing users can just login to the app after downloading and start playing right away. If you don’t have an account, then you can easily register for free of cost and get a registration bonus of $10 free cash . Make sure you enter valid personal information including SSN as this is the real money poker, they do validate your account information.


WSOP mobile poker app for iPhone doesn’t force it’s users to make a deposit. You could just start playing with your free bonus amount to win money and build your chip stack. But ideally you will end up depositing some money as you will get addicted to this game. Yes this game is very addictive as the real poker. It allows you to compete with other Poker pros and interact with them easily on the poker table. It keeps you alive wherever you travel as it works through Wifi and as well as 3G/4G networks. The game is designed in a way so that it doesn’t require any assistance to play poker. Most of it’s features are self-explanatory. For example you could easily find the pay-out structure of each tournaments, standings, etc in the tournament lobbies.

This app verifies your location using iPhone’s location services, so better allow your iPhone to enable location services for this app inorder to avoid any issues while playing this game. Sometimes it takes about 30-40 seconds to verify your location which is based on your network as everything about this game is online. If you are using wifi it will be a little quicker, otherwise it may take a little while. So don’t give up if it takes a little while. This app has brought winning real money to your fingertips as you can play this anytime and anywhere. There is no limit for winning prize cash as you can hold’em on the go in any stake table. This app works perfectly in any iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which has iOS 4.3 or later. To be specific this app is well optimized for iPhone 5 screen resolution.


Pros: They offer wide range of deposit options. You can play anywhere and from any device including PC as long as you have an account with valid information. Good graphics, very interactive and addictive game play.

Cons: There are few hiccups when you play this game using 3G/4G as it takes time to verify your location. You have to login to the game every time you wish to play and Sometime it logs out in the middle of the game which is little annoying though.