Having the choice to pick the ideal point and the storyline as it goes is a mind boggling technique to control the game. In ‘Eve_IO: Pick your story cyberpunk themed game’ application you locate a decent pace, an augmented teenager who lives in a cyberpunk themed city.

How the application works:

Download and present the ‘Eve_IO: Pick your story cyberpunk themed game’ application on to your mobile phone or other similar gadgets. You will play the character of character of Eve, a high school teenager. You can pick your story with an exceptional theme and blend involvement with guidance. Eve is a cool and sharp young teenager whose life incorporates a series of adventures and situations. She is ambitious in being popular among her social circle and to get her educational degree. Like any run of the mill teenage youngster, Eve furthermore has situations that prove to be hindrance to her life and she needs to handle the issues and get relevant answers.

There are furthermore problems that are related to maths, economics and others. You can have a huge amount of enjoyment in the game where you can get support from the people in the town. This game is an extremely fun game with no ads, extra costs or data collecting.

Features of the game:

The ‘Eve_IO’ has a lot of extraordinary and empowering features of which some are listed down here.

•    You can pick your own type of game theme to play

•     Play as a teenage girl character

•      Vaporwave and beautiful style of animation

•      The game involves various enlightening questions that upgrades

your knowledge

•      It goes with its original soundtrack

•      Ad free and 100% private

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