This is a fresh iphone sports app that has just come on the scene. With a lot of healthy competition, the sports iphone app market isn’t easy to do well in but let’s find out how Kroo sports has fared.

The great thing about Kroo sports is that it is excellent at what it does. Meaning that it consistently provides the best information available.  The app provides us everything that we could possibly need to know about any subject related to sports news. Kroo sports provide so many different formats for us to watch and keep up to date with our favourite sports. It includes video and news highlights which give us different insights of the best moments. It enables you to select your favourite teams across all sports in what is one of the most desired apps available. This feature enables us to focus on what teams we really love to give us a greater summary of their highs and their lows too. By utilising this feature, we truly felt  about our most beloved teams. The way the news is presented to us is very desirable. The headlines sum up the most vital information which allows us to gain a greater understanding if we want to continue reading the rest of the article. We are also informed as to what news company the story is coming from. The inclusion of this allows us to further build trust with the app, to ensure we will continue coming back to it in search of reliable information.

There are sports quizzes available to play on the Kroo sports app which is a feature we loved. In playing with this, we were able to see what were our strengths and weaknesses in the realm of sports knowledge. We could even pick a particular category to really test if we know our stuff or not. We had even more fun when we played it with a friend. This meant we could try and beat each other’s score to see who was the most knowledgeable sports fan. The bad part about this was that sometimes it got a little too competitive as we all think we are the king when it comes to sports knowledge. But overall it is a great feature that serves to try and improve you in this area as you can keep track of your scores. By completing these games, you can get ‘Kroo credits’ which you can build up and then use them to purchase real games tickets for your favourite teams. This is an incredible feature which puts the power in the fans hands which we loved. This is a fabulous app as it saves us time by preventing us having to go through online stores which can often be a hassle. It is very simple to buy a ticket for any game of our favourite teams that we desired.

The Kroo sports app is one that we had enjoyed greatly with joy and will come back again surely. We would recommend it to all sports fans because of its amazing features and interface that it provides. With amazing games to play and tickets to be earned there is hours of endless fun. That’s not to mention all the informative news you will receive as well.

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