Are you tired of your current iPhone or iPad lock screen wallpaper? Do you feel the need for a change? While it is easy to customise Android devices, the same does not apply to iOS. With the latest updates, Apple has made more space for customisations. It is possible to customise your device using iOS apps almost completely. One such app is Fancy Lock Screen Themes. This app uses a couple of innovative features to give a brand new look to your iOS lock screen.


With Fancy Lock Screen Themes, you can customise your device to suit your style and taste. It offers a wide range of impressive wallpapers that are specifically designed for your lock screen. You can also use this app to customise the theme of your lock screen, making your device look more appealing and attractive than ever before.

While there are many ‘theme’ apps in the App store, most of them are quite difficult to use. The developers do not put much thought into the comfort levels of the user or into the design. This is not the same with Fancy Lock Screen Themes. The developers NestedApps Limited have made the user the focus of their app design and user experience.


You can select from a wide collection of categories and beautiful designs for free. All you have to do is let out the creative side of you and customise your iOS device. With this app, you can personalise everything from your clock to your lockscreen to the background and more. You can create a brand new look that all your friends will envy.

Working with this app is very simple. You are provided with a set of custom elements and themes to work with. These include overlays, lock screen, wallpaper designs, adding text, status bar and stylish frames. You could pick a combination of these from the app and create your own lock screen. Alternately, you can also select a photo from your album and edit and customise it to your lock screen.

This app comes with a huge variety of colourful themes and designs. The collection is so huge that it is almost impossible for someone to not find one that suits their taste. If you want to make everyone jealous, you can save the designs you create on your device and share them with your family and friends via Twitter, email or Facebook. If you would like to stay up to date with the collection, you can join the monthly subscription on the app.

One of the main downsides of the app is that you have to subscribe to the app to receive updates or buy coins. This is the only way to earn coins at present. These coins are required to be able to unlock some of the themes and features. This can prove to be quite annoying at times.

Fancy Lock Screen Themes is an easy to use app with a wide collection of elements including over 100 frames, 50 stickers, status bars and more. While it does not give you the full flexibility of Android, the feature set it provides is better than that available in the native iOS. It can be downloaded for free from the App store for free, requiring only iOS 7.1 or higher.

Good: Wide collection of elements to optimise

Bad: No way to earn coins

Worth Having App – Download the App