Nowadays, it is a challenge to manage all the files together in one place. At the time of presentation or an important meeting, people often face difficulty in presenting the correct document. Using the latest technology one can easily manage those files and even make it more interesting by adding virtual images and contents to it. Smartphones are capable of running those type of applications. The most reliable application is FileCalendar.
The FileCalendar is a powerful calendar application which stores all the information for the upcoming events and related context to those events. You can attach over 20 frequent file types with FileCalendar and it also supports zip and unzip files both. Files can be shared and uploaded to cloud storage applications as well such as Cloud, Dropbox or GoogleDrive. Apart from this, FileCalendar has amazing features which make it unique and useful from other applications.


  • Supports zip and unzip files both.
  • A feature of uploading important files to the cloud storage, hence providing a backup feature. Moreover, you can    also share your files with your friends.
  • Capture all the live moments or store important statistical images to the files using the Built-in Camera feature of    the application.
  • Access to 20 frequent file types.

The user can even rename or edit the file as per his convenience and the user-friendly operating features make the application more reliable and efficient.
These features are embedded in the application in such a way that, the user can operate the created files and can have a better experience in accessing those files. User satisfaction has always been up to mark in case of using the FileCalendar application.

User Experience:-

Functions of the application are clean and reported successfully working. There are thousand of managing applications but also with a lot of bugs and issues. The FileCalendar application is the most reliable application in the market as the user experience has been found remarkable as compared to the other managing applications. With the latest updates, FileCalendar is getting better and better for effective and efficient results.

User Interface:-

The FileCalendar application size is just 3 MB’s which hardly takes any space on the phone. It also means that the application is not that complicated and also loads easily. The interface of the application is user-friendly and has faster access to the functions of the application. Easy to use and as earlier mentioned, the new updates are constantly worked on to improve the nice layout and better performance.


The overall experience of the application is fabulous. When it comes to the User Interface application should be ranked 4.5 out of 5.0, as the interface is simple, efficient and in a nice layout. The Concept of the FileCalendar application is effective and reliable due to which it should be ranked 4.0 out of 5.0. Last but not the least, when it comes to user experience it should be again ranked 4.0 out of 5.0.

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