Recent research has concluded that instead of harming the brain, video games are in fact very efficient in helping us boost our brains and in also increasing the metabolism of the mind. If you are a person who is always against people playing games, you should turn your views of the habit over as it is highly beneficial for the mental and the physical self. With their complex, challenging and ambitious nature, virtual games have come a long way. It is proven with recent research that video games are highly beneficial in kids as it develops their cognitive skills and strengthens the hand to eye coordination. These games help to improve the brain in constant simulation and the performance of the cerebrum.

There are many number of games in the market that guarantees to improve the mental ability, but very few do so. One game that truly is a challenge for the brain is the ‘Jellyfish Challenge Underwater’ which is an app that is available on most devices.

Developed by:

Jellyfish Challenge Underwater’ app is developed and created by ‘GiftsCome Entertainment’.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Jellyfish Challenge Underwater’ app on your mobile phone or any suitable devices. Now launch it on your device and start playing. You need to keep taping on the screen to make sure that the jelly fish does not fall down and gets into the circles at the right time and using the right colour. You can also compare your scores with your friends through social media where you can share your scores.

Features of the app:

Jellyfish Challenge Underwater’ has a lot of features which are,

  • Challenging
  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Fun and interesting interface
  • Simple to use
  • HD graphics

Compatible with: