There have been many apps that are made for online dating, making new friends or just getting dates. But there is a new revolutionary and very unique way of making new friends and chatting, that is made possible by the bottle app. You are going to get a detailed review of the app, how it works and how unique it is.

How to make friends

The app’s concept is whereby you are in an isolated island, all alone with no one to talk to and what lies ahead of you is the vast sea and you have no idea who is out there. So apparently, you write a message in a bottle, and throw it out
in the sea randomly and hope that somebody will find. Now that’s the main concept behind message in a bottle.

The sign up process is quite easy and all you need is a username, email and password and you are registered. Now once you sign in, you will need bottles which you are going to drop in the sea. The sea is the app itself and you drop a bottle to the world. Then someone random who is also using the app can find your bottle, from anywhere in the world. When they get to keep your bottle, you can now chat with them and make friends. When they reject your bottle, it goes back to the sea and someone else will find it and they will decide of to keep it or reject it. Basically keeping the bottle is accepting you as a friend.

The same also applies to you. On the app’s interface, there is the sea where you will wait for random bottle messages from anywhere in the world and you will decide if to keep it or reject it.

Resources required to make friends

The resources in this app that you use are fun and adventurous and you feel as if you were out in the real sea as a sailor or pirate, making new friends. There is the rum which after use, you can use the bottle to send a message out in the sea, a whistle, compass to target the next country your bottle will land, a parrot to target who receives your bottle next, a telescope to view the profile of the bottle’s owner that you find, chest for treasures, camera and special writing materials to write letters and send in the sea.

App verdict


This is a great, unique and adventurous way of making friends. The fact that you make friends randomly globally is just fun. The app also brings out the feeling that you are out in the sea including the resources and it is awesome and
different from any other messaging and networking apps we have encountered also get to see countries you “visited”, that is where your bottles land.


The resources don’t come freely and you need gold coins to purchase. Getting the gold coins is difficult and one way involves in-app purchase. So you need to invest a little to send bottles and gifts out in the sea so you can get friends.

It is a great app for a whole new adventurous global experience in making friends.