Serial killers are often popping up in society as times roll by and, usually, when you study forensics or criminal justice, these people come up in order for you to learn about how the mind works when there is something that just doesn’t fit.  ISEKI is one of these apps where you put ten of the most famous serial killers and even going back to the 15th century.  Some, you may already know, like Charles Manson, and others you may have no idea who they are.  ISEKI combines all their profiles which are easily accessible in this application, trying to explain the character of a serial killer as well as their patterns, past issues and unfortunate victims.

As chilling as it may sound, we need to know these stories, even if they a graphic, bone chilling and crude when it comes to their killing styles.  ISEKI also explains the different types of names for a serial killer that were often used in the past, including chain killers, serial murderers among others.  If you would want to do an extensive presentation on serial killers, this would be a great application for you because it has ten profiles (for now), pictures, definitions, stories and even themed instrumental sounds as you read through these murderer profiles.

Now when you want to research the weapons they have used, pictures are often included along with an explanation on each one, how they used the weapon and the usual crimes committed with each one.  Often, most serial killers used a certain weapon to kill every victim and other times, they switched.  However, thanks to dedicated people in the police force, these crimes have been solved and the people you see here have been convicted or imprisoned.  You may not even believe what these people had to go through in order to get convicted, sent to prison, or kept in a mental asylum because their personalities were usually normal.  However, we see this in the system today as well, because criminals seeking a lower sentence admit to doing a crime and go free within years because they couldn’t be proven guilty within any doubt.

So this app has not been rated enough times to know if it’s really good.  There is only one review that states that there are too little profiles and the explanation behind this is that they plan on increasing the profiles once people start getting this application if you can read the description on their page on the iTunes App Store.  The App only costs 99 cents and you have to be careful with these around children because they contain crude scenes, violence, tobacco use and other things that they may not understand while reading these profiles.  The price is worth it because the pictures are very detailed, the stories seem complete and even the Case Study on serial killers was detailed, concise and chronological.

Why should you not get this app?  Unless you are faint of heart when you read these vicious detailed killings, get this app.  You should have this app if you want to study forensics, criminal justice or another area in these related fields.  It is good reference when your teacher speaks of these people and you have more of an insight on the subject.  History often repeats itself and so do these crimes as well as the serial killer types, so if you think you know a person these days, think again.  Some things are just better left unexplained, there are many “reasons” behind the formation on serial killers and this app explains how this happens.

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