The days of carrying recorders, papers and other items in order to record a crime scene are pretty much over. iCrimefighter provides many features that will definitely make the difference because every detail of the crime scene will be recorded and stored on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. What makes this application handy is the ability to see a list of recorded cases around your location, allowing you to add to the history of crimes as well as accidents. This would require that you have location enabled on your device in order for it to find you. The simplicity of this application is ridiculous, allowing you to have the evidence ready when the police arrive.

If you are in law enforcement or EMS, this application will definitely come in handy, allowing you to carry as little as possible during a crime scene and get every single angle at the same time. In the view/edit cases icon, you can see the history of crimes depending on the location where you are browsing. Once you record your first crime scene, you can view the details on each one and also view a map that provides a pinpointed location thanks to Google Maps.

The photo icon allows you to take as many pictures as you want from the crime scene or any damage caused by a car accident. This application also allows for interviews if you use the iPhone or iPad (the iPod touch has no microphone or camera features), so that you can get every side of the story as evidence. These features allow you to have the evidence handy and accessible at any time later on, which is handy for policemen as well as people who want to present evidence to the insurance company for the damages.

If you do not have camera or microphone on your iOS device, you can definitely write down a few notes on the accident instead of having to look for a notebook and a pen, which you could easily lose. You can also add any additional comments about the accident that you may want to emphasize later on. The notes are a great way to keep everything in one place and a summary of the events without having to look at the evidence, whether you have long interviews or an extensive amount of pictures.

The best icon on this application would be Video because everything can be recorded in one place: interviews, pictures, as well as any additional evidence that you may have missed while searching for evidence. Everything is kept within a case number on iCrimefighter, which you can edit as far as the title goes. This application was rated five stars among users for its versatility and simplicity and, we do have to say that this application is definitely well recommended by us as well. Why should you have to settle for less when you have much to gain with this application?

This application costs only $2.99 and they definitely did a great application from the get-go, so the application is definitely worth the money. Think of the savings that you will have when you stop buying notebooks that you can misplace and have no organization by cases. Think of the camcorders that you won’t carry around as well as voice recorders and heavy equipment. You have a great resolution on your iOS device, so why not take advantage of the video camera, pictures and voice recorder which are already integrated? Organization and simplicity are in your hands with your iOS device and iCrimeFighter.

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