Android being one of the free and open source market the number of applications submitted and the success of these applications are totally dependent on the customer satisfaction. With Android there is no need to buy expensive software while most of the android applications in the market are free and are Java based, which therefore makes them much more useful. Having all this in mind and knowing that Android rocks in India.

Let us see some of the successful Android application developers from India, includes individuals and also companies.

1. Muthu Ramadoss:

Muthu Ramadoss is the founder of the India based company for developing applications for Android, IntelliBitz Technologies. This company offers both training and is involved in the development of Android applications. The man behind this company is Muthu Ramadoss, who has developed a number of Android applications and has won a number of accolades for his applications. Some of the programs that this man uses for developing Android applications will involve the use of Android SDK, Java Standard Development Kit, Eclipse and many more.

2. Srihari Yachamaneni:

He is an Android application development software engineer at Symphony Services who has developed a number of Android applications of which some of the worth mentioning applications will involve products like iAnywhere Mobile Office for Android Symphony. The skill set that he uses to develop Android applications will include Android SDK 2.2, ADT 0.9.7, Java SE 6 JDK, Eclipse Helios 3.6 and SQLite 3.0.

3. Mahabaleshwara Adiga:

He is a prospective Android developer with a lot of potential who is now pursuing his studies in Acharya Institute of Technology in Bangalore, and is currently also working as an intern in Winfoware Technologies in Bangalore. He has very good knowledge on the various platforms that could be used to develop Android software, and is currently a member of the Android developers group in LinkedIn. Believe me, he is a super guy as I had an interaction with him for developing an Android application for my weight watchers promo and E-diets coupon codes blog. His profile is interesting like him as a
prospective and budding Android developer.

4. Polluxsoftech Pvt. Ltd.:

This is an Indian based company located in Ahmedabad that started in the year 2006 and has developed into a huge company with a number of system software engineers who are involved in the development of web applications and android developers and programmers. This company has made a benchmark for itself in the development of applications for Android mobile platform and some of their applications are leading the Android market.

5. Adodis Technologies Private Ltd:

Located in the suburb of Bangalore, this Android application development company has a number of Android developers from across the country developing a number of applications that can be used on the Android platform. This is one of the leading web application development companies that have currently focused on Android application development ever since the launch of Android. Some of the android development focus that they have includes custom Android application development, games, multimedia, Android enterprise, and many more.

With so many Android applications made available by Android developers from India, let us be more desi in using Android applications that are developed in India.

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