Henry is a criminal who has been captured by the government and forced to join a mission to clear all charges against his name. The mission entails taking down the infamous Toppat clan- an international gang of thieves. Infiltrating the airship is a stick-figure game by Marcus Bromander featuring 60 unique fails- and four possible ways to the end. This game is all about infiltrating the Toppat’s airship and trying to figure out the right combination of decisions to get to them. By the time you get to them figuring out how to deal with the guys is a whole other issue.


Each scene features a series of choices which result in a choose your own adventure type game that offers four possible endings. To get there you run through a series of comical situations that require improbable solutions. Since each move is so choice dependent you end up waiting in suspense every time you choose- since the wrong move results in Henry getting beaten up, spun away or roped up in one of the many other ridiculous escapades he seems to encounter.


In the game you navigate through control rooms, a prison, and of rooms of treasure, and every time you choose wrong, gives you the option to retry, step back or just plain start over, and, just in case you were curious, keeps a running tally of your fails. This game takes you through each stage and allows you to navigate the area with items such as teleporters, “paperizers” and vats of acid. Your choices only seem to get you so far though, as some decisions lead to “fails”- each wrong move resulting in the comical demise of Henry, and a bump back a step in the game. The game offers a series of medals when you complete various achievements, such as the master of fail- where you’ve exhausted all the possible options and found your way through every scenario. You can also get the “Failapocalypse” when you’ve managed to re-live some of your bad moves and fail 100 times.

Marcus Bromander is also behind two other successful games; Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond, which, alongside Infiltrating the Airship received great reviews across the boards, with users stating that it was the best in the series.

This game is very easy to follow and can provide many hours of mindless entertainment with its unique range of choices, witty comments and ridiculous fails. You’ve got to give Bromander credit as this game is full of very creative situations that are intensified by the strange choices your given, like using a “magic pencil” or “sticky hand”. Infiltrating the Airship is available on the App Store and is available for download on Iphone and Ipad at a low cost so it is easily accessible to most and makes it easy to kill time. There is one fatal flaw that can de duly noted in the game though, as using the “leap” function results in a movement akin to the magic pencil. This could just be a glitch in the game’s software or a little Easter egg for the player’s enjoyment.  free to play version of fleeing the complex

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