Magic is something that continues to astound humans even today. It has lived through the times and never dies out. While some old tricks may be spilled out of the bag, new ones are constantly being developed in order to keep audiences engaged. The thing about magic is that it required skill and concentration alongside lots of practice to be able to pull off a magic trick perfectly. Today, with the iOS app iSleight, just anyone can perform magic tricks!


iSleight enables you to perform magic tricks without any training or practice. You are transformed into a magician whom no one can beat in terms of skill. You can perform a trick anywhere and at any time in order to impress those around you. The trick is so neatly done that no one can guess the way it works. You do not need any external objects, flat surfaces, a magician’s hat and wand or anything of that sort. All you need is an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone that has iOS 9.0 or higher and the iOS app installed on it. With this much, the app will bring out the magician within you.


The way the app works is very simple and unique. So much so that anyone who has not used it cannot find out the underlying trick. You can allow the audience to examine the app if they wish to make sure of hidden loop holes. Basically, the app has a deck of cards that are constantly being shuffled. You ask the audience to pick a card at random and predict it. Voila! Your prediction will always be right, thanks to the app.


To get started, you actually predict or choose the card way in advance. The prediction is made on a hand-held deck of cards or a sheet of white paper. You then show the constantly shuffling deck of cards to the user. As it is constantly shuffling, the chances of the same card being selected every time are zero. Keeping this in mind, your audience picks a card and then you reveal your prediction. This always turns out to be right, helping you make an impression on those around you.

The good part about this app is that you do not need a Wi-Fi or data connection for it to work. Nor do you need a separate phone or any props to carry out your tricks. You do not even need a deck of cards. All you need is the iSleight app and an iOS device. With just this much you’re good to go. It is so easy to perform and show that you do not need any practice at all. The app resets to a new card every time to avoid suspicions and the cards are very readable too. There are tutorial videos to help newbies get started at the app.

The iSleight magic app can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99. It can be availed for $0.99 on the first day in case you wish to try out the app and see what all the fuss is about. All said and done, iSleight is a wonderful and convincing app that will help you impress just anyone around you.

Good: Easy to use

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App