There’s a whole market of apps that deal with online gambling. They all offer the same good games and guarantee of keeping your money safe and sound. They all come with similar interfaces and backgrounds and it’s quite hard to pick one. Trusting your hard earned money to any of these apps can be quite a gamble in itself. The iOS app has a legacy of trust that helps it stand out. You can trust them home and know that your investment is safe.


The best part of this app is that it is a casino that you can carry around with you. It’s something like your personal casino. While it might be hard for you to make time to go to an actual casino, brings the casino to you. You can enjoy it at your leisure whenever and where ever you like. The developers are known for their website, which has been among the top online gambling sites for years now. All you need to enjoy this app is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone with iOS 7.0 or any higher version.


When you pick a casino game, the first thing you will be looking forward to is the bonuses or offers that are available to you. To get you started, there’s a bonus that you will receive soon after you download the app and register. You get to triple your funds up to £200! The first deposit you make is instantly tripled for you to get you excited and pepped up. The fun doesn’t end there. In addition to this, there are monthly promotions. The monthly promotion ‘Make your match’ allows you a 100% reload on the first deposit you make each month. You can get started with twice the money each month!


There are so many games and downloads the app has to offer that you will never get tired or bored. If you do not know what you’re looking for, downloads vary from simple blackjack to Ironman branded one-armed bandit to slots to table-top games and more. The range of tables is very impressive indeed. For those that enjoy slots, there are dozens of different kinds of slots to enjoy. While this is good to those that like slots, it can be disappointing to those who don’t. If you are not sure about a game and want to try it out, you can demo it first. In order to play, you have to first log in. The app allows you to gamble with real money form just any location of your choice.

The graphics of the game are crystal sharp and look fabulous on the screen. They have been designed such that they are easy to play on the small screen. Controls are decent as the app allows you to access instructions in real time. This way, you do not have to take the trouble of remembering them per se. the gambling is intuitive and will transport you to Las Vegas virtually. The app developers have completed 10 years of dealing with real money and keeping it safe so you do not have to worry about investing your cash with this app.

Good: Wide range of games, easy to use interface

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App