Have you ever experienced the agony of mismatch of document formatting that result in your documents looking ugly? Well, you no longer have to sacrifice on the look, feel and formatting of your documents with the iOS app iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents anymore. This app has been designed to enable organizing, editing and accessing MS Word documents from your iOS mobile device- iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

With this iOs app, you can now open and also edit all kinds of Windows Word files while on the move without having to compromise on formatting. Also, you can use all of the text and image editing features that MS Word provides to you at all times. This app provides a central hub to view, manage, save and also share all types of file, including those that are not compatible with the iOS.

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iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents supports both .doc and .docx formats to help you retain the original formatting of all MS Word documents. You have font and text formatting options, color options, spacing options and also text alignment options. Besides the editing toolbox, it also integrates with the native dictionary and spell-check of the iOS. This is very useful while drafting out new texts and editing existing ones. You have support for viewing tables too. This app allows you to print documents conveniently using Air-print.

With this iOS app, you can also work with PDFs. You can easily convert any file format to PDF and annotate, stamp, seal and highlight text in PDFs. All this can be done with the click of a single button. It allows viewing and management of videos, music, images, MS office files and PDFs along with various other file formats, irrespective of whether they are stored remotely or locally. You can add notes and bookmarks or draw using your own finger too.  To draw various shapes, you just need a few taps, while also controlling their size and border color.

iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents also has other exciting features to provide complete convenience to iOS users. There are functions to Unzip and zip files. You can download multiple files at a time and store them on a cloud. Thus, you can be assured that you will never fall short of storage space. Also, file sharing has been made very convenient with this app. You can open and email documents created through this app using other apps too.

The user interface of this iOS app is highly intuitive and very user friendly. It allows you to manage all your files of different formats with ease. A few of the fonts commonly used in MS Word are not recognised by this app, which then reverts to Courier.

To sum it up, if you wish to edit and manage Windows files on your iOS device, then iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents is the perfect app for this. Its various features allow complete flexibility and thus make working with files of different formats easy. Although priced at $5.99, it is worth the price. Developed by Beleela, iDocs for Office Word & PDF Documents makes management of Windows files on your iOS device very simple.

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