If you are either traveling the globe or just working on some homework, you will find that iTranslate will come in very handy for you. The app is very simple to use and is just like any other translation app. iTranslate is powered by Google Translate, which is a very powerful, accurate translation tool. The UI is very simple and resembles ‘dashboards’ translator widget available for Macs. As in most translators, translating full sentences does not result in full, proper grammar.

This app excels in word for word translations, but when translating sentences, this app suffers.

This app has “voices” included, which means that you can hear the translated text out loud in different accented voices. The basic version available for free in the appstore should be good enough for your basic translation needs. The free version does not include “voices”, but is available as an in-app purchase.

I would recommend this app to anyone, as it is free for the basic version and is easy to use and get use to.