It is hard not to be skeptical these days of apps and websites that promise you free stuff for doing stuff like surveys, or even just clicking on a link. The only prizes these apps and websites give you are pretty little viruses and other malware, which change your computer and phones for you, like it or not. So it is very easy to miss out on the best deals which seem too good to be true, but really are true. One of these “too good to be true, but true” apps is Gameit, an app that is available on the Apple App Store (coming soon to Android).

Gameit was first debuted at the last TechCrunch Disrupt, and it is an app that they say “gamifies shopping.” With Gameit, the user can look at a product that they like, then they can find the product that they would like to buy. The user will then be directed to a video about the product. Watch the video, and you will be served around 10 questions. You will have to answer those questions the fastest and answer them correctly. You will have to have the highest score to get the prize, but if you don’t win, you get discounts on the product ranging from 10% to 80%. There is no limit to how many times you can play, you can play over and over again and try.

This is a very smart business model for the makers of the app, as something like this tends to be very addicting for the user. As a matter of fact, it is at first almost like cocaine. To know you could get the product that is there for free or for a huge discount is the high that everyone wants to achieve. Depending on the personality of the user, you may stay addictive or you may get weary. It all depends on you. But it is indeed a fun app.

One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t have ads. Why would it? It’s an app that has a business model that is sustainable, granting that more and more people do use the app. In a way, Gameit is like a different kind of ad platform, since the products are sold through the platform straight from the company, but the difference is that with this app, people really do interact with the �ads’ instead of skipping over them.

Of course, it is a very young platform. It has an interface that is simple, and the offerings are very few. Do not expect to game for everything that you see on there, as the only products you will see are from Gameit’s partners. But Gameit does have some popular partners such as Nike, Microsoft, and other fashion and electronics companies. You can win stuff from shoes, headphones, and shirts, to large electronics and appliances such as mixers and video game consoles.

Gameit is a very fun and promising platform. Its youth is apparent though, and you will not see many things that you will want to have or buy right away. But once they bring more partners on board, it will definitely become worth it for the larger public.

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