As a coder or a simply a programmer, sometimes you get stuck in many problems during your work. For example- you have less knowledge about the new updated technology or you want some pre-written code that can make your work easier and saves your time as well! Isn’t it? Well, there are a lot of apps which may increase your efficiency at work. But, sometimes, there is more than one tool needed for a single job. So why not we try something new? Today, there is one more app which I’m going to introduce just for you guys which is popularly known as “Repostarry”.

This is the best app from Github and has been developed by Ethan Halprin. Github is basically a marketplace or you can call a development platform inspired by the way you work.

Github is the home to the world’s largest community of developers and their projects. I use this tool because Github is a source control tool in the cloud. It’s a repository to store a code on the cloud and which can be shared with the community or it can be kept private. It can be helpful for teams to work together and write a better code. On Github, project management happens in issues and projects, right alongside your code. All you need to do is to mention a teammate to get them involved.

The Repostarry is used basically to get code written by the developers to make your work easier and faster. Whether the language is java, python or angular, you can search for any query and find the code from the repository. While, the coders can save their code in the open source repository so that the other coders can use them. This amazing app brings you the most starred repositories in the very last 24 hours or 7 days or 1 month also. This means that these time spans are relative to the exact date and time that you open the application. The most useful and relevant repository which is liked by the user and used most frequently is known as a starred repository.

With this app, you can find out what is the most starred repository by a single programming language. You can save your favorites that gets updated each time when you open them. If you are not finding the correct repository, then you can do a deep search and look for repositories by stars, date, forks, size and more.

Overall, the app is quite reliable and cheap. The designing and the development of the app is up to the mark. I would totally recommend it to you! Repostarry requires iOS 10.0 or any later version of the Operating System running on your iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

So you can browse and buy apps from Github with your Github account like this Repostarry tool. This app is totally free to use and it’s 100% private with no commercials and no registration required.

Start using the app in minutes!

Pros: pre-written code; data saved in the cloud; easier and faster; find out the starred repositories; user-friendly app; helpful for the programmers; free to use. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App