Book Press is an IOs app that allows children and grown-ups to create their books easily. To create an e-book using the book press app, you just need to pick images, choose background colours and place texts. You can import images from your camera and type text in the app.

The app also lets users resize and position images, change text attributes and create as many book pages as you want on the go. You will also find a sample book included in the app to guide you in the process of creating your first book.

After creating your books, you can open it using Google Play Books, iBooks, and other e-books readers like Dropbox, overtones, Kindle book readers and much more. You can also send the books through e-mail and save it to iTunes. For those who want to enhance the creativity of their kids, then this is one of the perfect ways to ensure that your kid learns the art of story telling without much stress.

Features of the app.

1. Import images.

You can import images from your camera easily.The app gives you a chance to turn your memories into amazing ebook by importing your images into the app. The apps simple user interface ensures that kids are engaged in storytelling as they create their personal e-books using their photos and even drawings.


2. Customise your image.

The fun of creating e-books does not stop at importing photos; users have the ability to customise the images by resizing, reposition and so on. When it comes to customising the images, you can choose unique background colour and much more.

3. In-app text addition.

Since the idea is to make a unique ebook, you have the ability to write your text right from the app. Typing straight from the app makes the process of creating e-books much easier since you don’t have to import text from other word processors.


4. Create books that can be opened by most e-book readers.

E-books created using Book Press can be opened using most ebook readers such as Kindle, iBooks, Google Books and much more. Because of this, you can share the books created using the app with your friends impress them with your creativity or your kids creativity.

5. Easy sharing of books.

After creating your books, you can share your e-books through e-mail, iTunes, iCloud and so on. This feature makes it easy for users to share their creativity with e-books.

The app’s simple user interface helps engage kids improve their storytelling as they create e-books with their photos, audio files, drawings, video and text. The app can be used by both amateurs and seasoned e-book editors. The learning approach of the app is very creative. A pre-made e-book is included to guide you through the process.

The Book Press is a very creative app that simplifies the process of creating e-books. It not only helps you organise your memorable moments, but it helps children enhance their creativity as the use images, text and voice inputs to create amazing e-books.

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