Being engaged in a game that introduces the player to a series of detective mysteries in a fun-filled and intuitive manner can be absolutely incredible. There are lots of learning apps that have been designed and found in the App Store. However, not all of them have been able to satisfy the users’ needs. Following the recent release of the DetecThink app on 27th September, 2016, the kids have a reason to smile when it comes to solving different math puzzle in a fascinating manner.

This interactive app designed for mobile devices offers kids with an opportunity to boost their analytic skills and problem-solving skills in a simple and effective way. With a captivating approach, DetecThink app introduces a detective case work focusing on providing solution to different puzzles that are presented. The major assignments encountered include finding the lost crown, unlocking a unique suitcase and also helping Prince Colin to free Princess Althea. It is time to get started and experience the real experience of being a detective!


Understanding the operation of DetecThink app

The entire operation is pretty easy for the user; actually in order to advance to the next challenge, the child is expected to complete different math problems. The central focus of the puzzle is based on place values, addition and subtraction. Interestingly, the difficulty level has been adjusted to ensure that it offers a perfect fit in relation to the child’s capabilities. This game focuses on a continuous story that the child will reach its ultimate end after tackling 8 different challenges and solved close to 100 math problems. It is clear that with an amazing foundation in math puzzles for kids, it would be easy for them to solve such problems.

Compatibility of DetecThink app

The developers, Intellipath Games were keen to come up with an app that will work well on high performing mobile devices. This was meant to ensure that the overall performance met the expected high standard. Thus, this app functions efficiently on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Besides, iOS 8.0 or later is recommended to enhance its performance.

Here are the essential features that the user will discover from the DetecThink app:

Create custom avatars

With the presence of different functionalities and tools offered by the DetecThink app, the parents can help their kids in understanding the math concept by creating for them custom avatars. With such kind of personalized experience, this can become easy for kids to boost their skills in solving the math problems. Besides, with such personalized accounts, it becomes easy for the kid to focus on improving math skills.

Monitoring the kid’s progress

One of the critical factors that will ensure that the kid’s performance is consistently improving is through proper monitoring. Continuous checking of the overall performance of the child using the personalized progress report can help the parent to easily customize the difficulty levels. In turn, the kid will be able handle the math problems with ease and overall improvement will be indeed reflected.

8 challenges worth tackling

The game comes with 8 challenging levels that the user needs to encounter before reaching the ultimate point. Apparently, before such challenges are completed, the user will be introduced to a series of about 100 math problems that need to be correctly solved. This clearly implies that the child needs to display the analytic skills and cognitive skills in order to perfectly solve the problems.


Get clues to solve math puzzles

Since the main learning topics integrated in this app are mainly based on additions, place values and subtraction, being at a point of getting some clue makes it easy for the kid to make a decision. Thus, DetecThink app offers different hints in which the kid can select after coming up with a solution. This makes the game fun and the learning experience easy!

Amazing classical design and graphics

The first impression that the user gets from this app is its captivating and attractive nature. The developers have been keen to integrate high quality graphic effects that possess a high resolution. Besides, the animation for characters is phenomenal and makes the game to be fun. Additionally, the background music is great and absolutely entertaining!

The Pros and Cons of the DetecThink app


· Great engaging and fascinating storytelling

· Amazing active learning

· Personalized experience from customization

· Effective monitoring of child’s progress

· Multiple creation of accounts for kids


· Infrequent performance at times

· The bugs problems


With the purpose of improving children’s education, DetecThink app aims at improving educational skills and proficiency on children. Such a learning experience is introduced within the confines of a fun-filled and captivating story. The features integrated clearly prove that this app is dedicated in helping children learn and think smarter while enjoying the gameplay. It is absolutely worth download for free from App Store. Don’t miss out!

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