Most people need to connect and meet with their favorite celebrities and public figures, but the lack the chance to meet in person or even ask a burning question. Askers is the solution.Do you know that in the average person, there are specific details one needs to know? Today, people need first-hand knowledge of their celebrities life’s story and also how they are moving on.To extend your knowledge, people nowadays get online and communicate by responding to answers they get asked through Askers.

Askers has several features making it the ultimate app.Depending on whom you ask, you are expected to pay a certain amount to either ask a question or listen to your favorite admirer and have a personal connection with them.The answer once received is shared with other 10 friends and you get paid 10 cents for every new listener.You also pay 33 cents to listen to a voice of a person you admire and definitely there is a limited time to try out the app free.

Askers help to connect to great influential people who are willing to share answers to questions and get rewards.Once asked questions, you get to choose which questions you are comfortable to answer. Ask politicians, great experts, musicians, and chefs; what you would ask them in real time when meeting with them and they will record answers for you. You also get to share with your friends.You get to have a one time experience with your favorite people whether it is a footballer;learn how to train best, ask the chief chef for a small great recipe techniques.These great answers definitely deserve great rewards and Askers rewards you by paying you for the answers you provide and once they get downloaded.Want to earn and learn? also, share? with the Askers Ultimate get to connect directly with experts in their different area of expertise and get direct answers through voice recorded messages.

The Askers has several benefits which include:-

Once a follower has downloaded your content, you get paid for it.- You get to socialize with your favorite celebrities.- You also get to meet different communities with different knowledge and therefore learning more.- Get answers through personal voice recorded messages which you can share with your friends.- You get more audiences and fans by connecting with new listeners.

Nevertheless, Askers app has some disadvantages;-The application is limited to certain regions currently. Most people would like to connect and learn about their celebrities for a start but since they are not located in the same region, they lack the chance to do so.-Some of the questions asked take a long time to get a respond.- Some questions you ask might not get an answer as they chose not to answer; with their reasons of course.

In general, Askers is a great ultimate app that connects people with their celebrities, expert leaders and politicians through asking questions and getting replies.It is a better way to spend time with those you have been willing to meet but now you get a chance to hear their voices regarding what you ask them.

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