In today’s time when everything is connected via single click, it’s seems so difficult to find a perfect person to fall in love with. There is a sea of dating apps to navigate in the market but finding the right dating app isn’t so easy. Many a times you face bogus profiles that makes you lose trust in such apps. But guess what? Not all of them are so bad. Let me talk about an app that I recently started using on my iPhone- Connexion

What makes Connexion different from others?

Unlike most dating aps Connexion focuses on creating lasting and meaningful relationships by leveraging your contacts in the phone. Meaning, you will have access to significantly large network with potential matches that you are more likely to trust and want to date. The extensive verification process makes sure that the person is looking for a trustworthy and lasting relationship and not any hookups.

You will find a sense of safety while using the app because you know whoever you will find, there must be someone who already knows that person. That gives a sense of satisfaction that you are dealing with a real person. The profile will display all the shared contacts so that you can check the link between you and your potential matches.

I’ve used many dating apps earlier but didn’t find a powerful app like Connexion before. People in your contacts i.e. your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues would act as your matchmaker. All they have do to is just to share their contacts with you and the app will take care of the rest.

To make long story short, here I’ve gathered some pros and cons about the app to help you make a decision:


– Navigation: The app is very easy to navigate. Pretty much everything is self-explanatory.

– User Interface: I’ve seen many apps before that you won’t even feel like to open because of the choice of colors and fonts. On the other hand Connexion’s look is very clean, beautiful and refreshing.

– Summary: I really like the summary section because you can see the link between you and your potential match. Honestly speaking, this is best feature I like in the app.

– Guilt Factor: I’m sure many a times when you show interest to someone over the app but the other one has rejected, it gives a sense of guilt and embarrassment. Thanks to the anonymous feature of Connexion. Members can anonymously search for like potential matches that they are link to and if it’s a mutual match Connexion will join the pair. There is no rejection and no embarrassment if other person don’t like you.


Fairly speaking I’ve found only one disadvantage in Connexion. Unlike other apps that finds matches for you around your location, Connexion depends upon your contacts. Now that can be anywhere in the world. So maybe you find a great match but if that person puts up in a completely different location, it won’t work out that good (my experience).


In my final words I would say you should definitely give a try to this app. The verification and recommendation features are really great and completely out of the box. Hat’s off to the developers.

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