Are you a fan of turtles and adventure games?  It’s time to leave the rest of the animals behind and start an adventure with your turtle on the backyard.  Face off against animals like dogs, cats and night creatures because you have certain achievements at day and night.  However, before you embark on your mission you must first adjust your settings on your Ipod.  The game uses the accelerometer, so you should access the menu when you pause the game and either play Classic, Top-Down or custom.  On the custom option you can definitely configure the settings to your liking.

The story of Turtle World starts out with your turtle and a cat, who definitely wants to have the turtle for lunch.  However, the turtle has to leave the house, so the cat has the brilliant idea to take the turtle to the forest to collect lettuce.  The turtle has to be careful because ghosts appear at night and it gets scared when it comes in contact with any ghost.  You start to play at daytime, with daily objectives displaying on your screen while you avoid dogs named Buddy and the hungry cats.  The dogs just want to play with the turtle, while the cats seek to eat it.  The only way to get rid of them is to throw your shell at them.  For every dog or cat you eliminate, you get 50 points.  Your turtle has three lives, so use them well and avoid bumping into any of the dogs or cats because you lose a life for every bump.

Lettuce appears very often, so you should eat at least three to obtain sweet power ups.  What the power ups do is that they increase the defense of the turtle for a limited time, so you don’t even have to throw the shell at the dogs and cats, you can bump into them with your spiky shell and earn more points.  Snails would be the weapon power ups, since they can turn your shell into a deadly weapon depending on the color of the snail.  If the snail is red, your shell turns red and lights up with fire.  If your snail is blue, your shell gets a jet pack and many other snails have different functions once you discover them.

Once you complete the daily objective the day turns to night, and you can notice that your screen is getting yellow until it turns a bit gray and dark.  You have to be careful with ghosts, since you cannot throw your shell at them and they do take lives off if you bump into them as well.  Watch for the warning signs when they pop on the side of your screen because it’s warning you that an enemy is coming that way and you wouldn’t want to be caught there.  You should also notice that there is a bush on the screen in which you cannot see anything if you’re not inside, so be careful.  Also remember to pick up your shell after you throw it in order to use it again and again as a weapon.  The game is fun to play, ensuring hours of playtime for frustrated players that have to get used to the game.

The game has great graphics and fun music, which is definitely a plus.  The game also includes turtle facts when the game is loading which makes it informative as well.  The game is recommended for kids once they get the accelerometer.  The game hasn’t been reviewed by current users, but the screen settings need to be adjusted while you turn the screen to portrait view.

Apps400 Rating :    *  *  *  *

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