Looking for a colorful fishing adventure? Fishing Joy is one of the most exciting Fishing Games because of their graphics and gameplay. Not only are you able to catch fish, as you catch them, they turn into coins which you are able to use later on. The game starts as a layout from the bottom of the ocean floor. Suddenly, fish start swimming out of the reef. Your net cannon fires in the direction you point at, catching all kinds of colorful fish which have different coin values.

Eventually the game gets harder as bigger sea creatures start to swim in every direction. Naturally, big creatures are harder to catch because your net cannon cannot turn them into coins within one shot. Bigger creatures have greater coin value, so make sure that you fire quickly at them before they swim out of your screen.

Their newer version has a Versus Mode, which you can use to play with your friends on your Ipad, Iphone or Itouch. In Versus Mode, you can share the screen on the Ipad because the cannons are on each side of the screen. The objective is to fire your net cannon at the fish and gain more coins than your opponent. There are very few games out there that actually host a Versus Mode, so I recommend that you check the game out.

As far as your net cannon goes, you can have up to seven net sizes, so feel free to check that out while you earn the coins to upgrade it. Eventually, you can run out of coins while playing the game. However, you should have in mind that you do get coins as time goes by whether you’re playing the game or not. The game is very entertaining because of its colors, their different game modes as well as their bonus levels.

The good thing about Fishing Joy is that it’s free on the Itunes App Store and, if you want to buy some coins, you can spend your money while upgrading your net cannon. Fishing Joy is fun fishing, without the smelly bait, fuel waste and the time it takes to catch your fish. It would definitely be a great option for kids as well as adults. There are a lot of videos out there that explain some secret features of the game so I recommend that you check them out to see if you like them.

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