Maintaining a perfect body is not so easy. Everyday busy schedule, cannot overcome the lust of food are some of the examples restricting you from getting a perfect structure. You can no more wear those cool suits and garments to your party. You are no more so charming, as you are so over weighted. But, you want desperately to have those days back. The first thing that comes in mind is visiting a doctor. Maybe the idea is not bad, but quite often you ended up in giving ample sum of money. Here is another way to get to your dream. Apps Genie Limited has brought to you Zone Diet – Realistic choice for low crab high protein diet. This is an app that can solve all your health related problems. This is not just an app to reduce your extra fat, but contains some extra features to maintain your body healthy.



The amazing features provided by this app to its customers are given below.

  • Detail follow-up chart: It has a calculator that can calculate the extra fat in your body. You need to provide some data like height, weight and age to get the exact answer.
  • Calorie intake: The amount of food needed by you depends on how much hard working you are doing. Only consuming calories and not burning them will increase your weight. There is a chart showing how much food you should eat.
  • Exercise plans: Only restricting fatty foods from your diet is not enough. The different types of exercises that will keep your body healthy and in perfect shape is also provided.
  • Recipes: No one can resist when mouth-watering foods being served to them. The app tells you some recipes that is not only tasty but controls your total calorie intake. It also provides with enough nutrients to your body.



  • App size: Other than some high consuming healthy apps sizes, this consumes only 58.3 MB of size in your mobile.
  • Language: The mode of language used is easy English. Therefore, users will face no problems in understanding the guidelines.
  • Graphics: The theme used is quite good because of the less number of buttons in a single display. Moreover, the quality of pictures and the font of words are neat enough to keep you interested.zo3


Zone Diet is launched on September 2015. Knowing the app is a brand new one, it is still yet to receive some critical reviews. Though there are some negative feedbacks, but all those are not significant enough. The compatibility OS of this app is iOS 6.0 or higher, which means people using less than that will not be able to use it.

Final Verdict: 

We all know that “Healthy is wealth”. And to keep our body in perfect shape, one can do anything for it. With minimum hassle of running to the doctor, Zone Diet can help you in almost all possible ways. Moreover, the price is relatively moderate and the data used is reasonable. So, what are you waiting for just go for it and get an energetic life.

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