The free music Download Pro Plus allows the user to download thousands of songs that are both free and legal. Along with songs, you can also download audio books or videos on your iPhone and also on your iPad and iPod touch pad. The app is a great way to download free music from several sites that offer free and legal downloading. In fact, you can download music, videos and books and much more by using the Pro Plus from Apple. There are a lot of new features, such as playing songs from the iPod Music Library and transfer these to your iPod library. Files can also be transferred to your computer.



  • Transferring of old files

It is also possible to transfer your files from an old application to the new application, with the help of iTunes File Sharing feature.

  • Downloading Music

Any music file can be downloaded in mp3 or m4a formats from any chosen site. The link is to be downloaded into your music file and the download option is selected on the popup menu. The built in browser in the app should be used for downloading files from the net, as the app cannot download from any other browser. There are many sites that allow such downloads that are both free and legal, but make sure that there is no material that constitutes copyright infringement.

  • Downloading Audiobooks

Audio books that are in public domain can be downloaded but they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Downloading Video

You can use the app to download video files, by holding the video ‘Play’ button and selecting the ‘download’ option from the pop up button.

  • Downloading streaming music

It is even possible to download streaming music, when there is no download link present in the site, by using the Bookmark button and selecting the Rip all media (1) option.


The Good

The app makes it easy to download all media files from any web page at once, by clicking on the bookmark button in the toolbar and selecting the Rip all media option. Ultra fast downloading speed is offered with up to 50 downloads being done simultaneously.

The Bad

When downloading video files, you cannot download YouTube files, as YouTube is not supported and downloading is prohibited.  Downloads are only possible with the built in browser of the application, as the application will not be able to download from any other browser.



Free Music Download Pro” – Free Music Downloader and Player  is an application available in the App Store created to make it easy to download to the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. Anything from the web can be downloaded to the iDevice and you can then play or view the files or even transfer them to the computer. The main features are a web browser, a download manager, a music player, a video player and a file manager with a file viewer.  You can also lock your files with a password lock. There is constant update of the features of the iDownloader Pro and these can be added as well.

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