Do you miss the ‘90s Snake game that kept you highly addicted once upon a time? As a child, we have all spent hours on end playing this game on our Nokia phone. Any free or bored time ranging from class hours to waiting for the bus to study time and more have been occupied by this game. It was indeed the most popular game of those times. Today, it has been reinvented for the smartphone. This has been done in the form of the iOS app Snake ’97.


The original snake game for Nokia phones was developed by TaneliArmanto in 1997. This classic game has been distributed on over 350 million devices since then, beating most games that have been developed. This game created a legacy of mobile gaming with its classic gameplay and simplicity of hardware requirements. This game holds a special place in the lives of so many people that it had to be reinvented for sure. you can get Snake ’97: retro phone classic on poki


Snake ’97, an iOS app developed by ‘dsd 164’ is here to repeat history. This one takes you down memory lane and gets you nostalgic, not to mention- addicted. It is a really good remake of the original game indeed. The feel of the old Nokia phones is created with a dot-matrix display and monotone sounds. It is just as frustrating and addictive as the original snake game. You can now play Snake like in 1997. A single glance at the logo will get you nostalgic.

The game is so authentic that it draws the classic Nokia phone, along with the buttons and the tiny screen for you. The buttons have a backlight like in the olden times and are shaped accordingly too. There are a set of hand-sets or virtual phones you can choose between, all of them being classic olden day phones. There could not have been a better way to relive the classic Snake game.


The object of the game is the same as the original one- Control the snake on your screen, which is continually moving forward and redirect it to make it eat the pellets appearing on the screen. Every pellet it eats makes it grow longer by one pixel. The game goes on endlessly until the snake hits a wall or hits itself.

There are two versions of the game- a free version and a paid one. The free version allows you to play until you reach a top score of 200 while the paid version allows you unlimited gameplay. If you happen to be a hard core player of the Snake game, you will surely reach the limit of 200 points in no time.

If you are looking to enjoy the classic Snake game again and do so withoutany modifications, this app is all you need. It will get you nostalgic, addicted, excited and frustrated- all at the same time. The app transforms your smartphone display into an old mobile phone and adds the monotone sounds to the game. Time to time travel with this app.

Good: Reinvents the Snake game in a classic way

Bad: The score limit of the free version is very low

Worth Having app – Snake ’97: retro phone classic on poki –  Download on appstore