Gone are the days when slots used to be a part of casinos only. People were excited to play and try their luck on one of those machines and used to spend thousands of dollars in a single night. Now, you can play those casino games right on your phone devices. The Android Play Store is full of such games. While most of them are similar, the trend is changing a bit nowadays. What used to be a single slot machine game before has now transformed into a multi-complex of slots. Then the social aspect is continuously increasing and spreading its reach to every sector. So, today we are going to review something which is a mixture of both of them. It’s called “Slots Social Casino”.


Slots Social Casino is the new Android app that has been developed by PlayPort. The app is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and later versions. We won’t say that the app is a trendsetter or has something unique feature wise. But still we liked the game for its overall value. Let us tell you what we liked about the game and what not.

As you open up the app, you can either create a new account of play as guest. But remember that you need chips for betting (there is no real money involved in betting) and creating a new account earns you 1000 chips for free. Adding, if you set your profile picture as well, you get another 1000 chips. Then comes the actual gaming part which is a bit different than what we expected. There are many different slot machines available such as Treasure Island, Stone Age, Golden Fruits, Shining Stars, etc. You need to download each game separately to play.


Though the game is available for free but there are still plenty of buying options available via in-app purchases. There is a separate “Shop” section for buying chips, bonuses, lucky time, VIP bonus and much more. Then there is a profile page dedicated to your wins, gifts and other stuff. The social aspect of the app comes in with you following other members of the game. You may see your followers on your profile page. You also earn chips if you get more no. of followers. Your gaming friends are also listed under Friends tab.

The graphics of the game are very good. It is much detailed and we really liked the animations in the background of the slot machines as you pull the lever. But it was on the expense of additional time taken for the outcome. But our overall experience was very good.


The ranking criterion of the app is divided into two. You may either see your ranking according to your country or world. So, there is plenty of content to check out than just a slots machine. It was a very good time checking out this app for this review and we suggest every one of you to try it at least once.

Pros:many different slot machines; beautiful graphics and animations; free.

Cons: nothing much new to the gameplay.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here