For many, estate planning isn’t something we think about early on in life. But COVID-19 has changed that. More and more people – especially young people – are writing wills due to the seriousness of the pandemic. Unfortunately, though, a will or living trust is only a small portion of proper estate planning. If that’s all you do, you could be leaving the surviving family with a lot of stress.

EZ Estate, available on iOS and Google Play, is designed to take the confusion of knowing the information you need to gather to make sure your estate is in order. The app tracks the progress of what you’ve done, so you can easily work away at this over a few days or even months without forgetting what you’ve done. A feature we love is that you can record videos and add them, rather than just type. It makes things like final messages and instructions that much more personal.

In the app, you’ll find everything you need. You’ll find plenty of categories and subcategories – from important contacts and outstanding debts to final wishes and pet care instructions. It’s worth mentioning that the app is purely for information storage – isn’t a substitute for legal advice or legally binding. It is highly secure, though, with encryption on locally stored data and that transmitted and stored on EZ Estate’s secure cloud servers.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – grab some peace of mind now and check out the app on iOS and Google Play or visit for more information