In case if you adore to know more about yourself and also to become a part of one of the most secret U.S. military experiments, then this persuasive game is based on real serious experiments in 1960´s.

In this discreet iphone application namely the Experiments, the player participates, were called to explore an ability to predict events at the test subjects. In this game it is able to influence movement of the mass by concentration and how it is actually with telepathy. More over the secret project was eventually terminated by the U.S. Army. Generally the results were very positive and discreet but they could actually not be transferred to the battlefield.

You can also indeed become experimental subjects of this government experiment and locate out whether you have a unique talent too. It is possible to enhance your mental ability and show off the whole world through Game Center. With this discreet game it takes you into the atmosphere of the 60´s, a secret laboratory where you can undergo the six different possible experiments.

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This game was so addicting I love it!!  – Review by Apps Store Buyer (denise kontos)

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