There are many nutrition apps on the market, but most of them miss the mark. Some are too niche (how many just track your calorie intake), others don’t give you the whole story (they tell you which nutrients your diet is lacking, but don’t tell you how to fix the problem). Lastly, few are built around dieting psychology: they preach fad diets or the cold-turkey approach. The team at Fivegreen doesn’t believe in these methods. Fivegreen was built for long-term habits, whole food-driven meals, and joy in building sustainable health.

The iOS and Android app is the first full-stack health & nutrition tracker that helps people lose excess weight by helping them gradually replace poor dietary habits with healthier ones. They do this in a way unique to dieting apps: you can have cheat meals, but only by earning them. Input what you’ve eaten, the app crunches the nutritional data, and scores your diet based on established clinical guidelines — the fivegreen score. It’ll also recommend the whole foods you should be eating more of, personalized to your daily diet.

Eating right doesn’t have to be a guessing game with Fivegreen. If you’re looking for fun, effective way to start being mindful of what you eat, lose extra weight, and start improving your health, try the platform today.

How It Works

  • Quick logging tech
  • Your all-in-one health tracker
  • Personalized food recommendation
  • Eat healthy to earn rewards
  • Earn your cheat meal

What is the Science behind this app?

  • The nutritional goals and guidelines are driven by data and recommendations from established authorities and the latest clinical research.
  • The food recommendations are reverse-engineered based on your daily dietary profile and are built to offset any deficiencies. Go for a balanced diet, personalized to you.
  • Science has shown that deprivation does not lead to long-term habits and increases the chance of relapse. Fivegreen is built on the idea that cheat meals should be earned, not eaten on whim.

From a current user: “It’s been a game-changer to know which foods are best for me in real-time. The app makes it perfectly clear not only what daily diet is missing, but also how to fix it with next meal. I’ve also been more mindful of eating junk food. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and love this system.”


Fivegreen app developed by Fivegreen Labs, Inc is a quality release and a very unique take on nutrition. We love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a change.



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