While I feel like I’ve used every kind of app, I can’t help but always be on the lookout for new ones. And so Omni Veil developed by Hi-Tek Media was definitely one that caught my attention this week, and I must say that it does not disappoint.

The Omni Veil app professionally works in a variety of public spaces. It works with Omni Veil devices to notify users of offers and promotions available nearby. You can simply install the app and then notifications for offers and promotions will be sent to you when you are near locations where those offers and promotions are exactly available.

More importantly you can also get free stuff or save money on a variety of products and services. There is no personal info such as your name, email address or phone numbers are collected by this app.

As a fan of unique apps, Omni Veil is definitely one I’m going to be keeping around on my devices. The features are qualitative, especially with many salient aspects. Omni Veil is an excellent app that is rich in features and has unique concepts. This is the app that is unlike anything you’ve used before, and it’s a refreshing addition for benefit of users.

As a lover of Omni Veil app developed by Hi-Tek Media it is one that did not disappoint. The features are interesting and make me think about from a different perspective now, and it’s just downright fun to use it. Also this app is wholly appreciated from all corners of users.


So recently I heard about Omni Veil developed by Hi-Tek Media, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to notifications for offers and promotions in general, and it shouldn’t be missed.

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