Do you have a pet at your home such as a dog, a puppy, a cat or any other animal or any bird. If you have, then you probably know their importance in your life. Pets are an important part of our everyday life. We as human beings rely on animals for food, clothes, labor and companionship. Similarly, it’s our duty to treat them with love and care. As we depend on them for different things, they also depend on us because they can’t express, but have emotions. We have food on our tables just because of them and the animal scientists who take care of them. So they also need food when they are hungry, they need care when they are I’ll and need a good doctor and proper nutrition. It’s necessary to monitor their health daily and provide necessary things to them at different intervals. For example- if you have a dog as a pet, then you need to take extra care of them.

Sometimes, you are unable to balance your life and your pet, both. So there is an amazing solution for you to cope up with your daily routine and take  care of your pet as well. It is popularly known as “mean- for all doggies. This app is available for all the devices having iOS 11.0 or any later version of the OS of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app has been developed by dotD, Inc.

Basically, what does this app provide you? It records your walk with your dog whenever you take him out. It notifies you to take your dog out for a walk. This includes details of the route you follow such as the distance, time and frequency on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The health functions allow you to log and monitor the timing and the location whenever it does it. You can monitor the health of your dog together with your family. This app plays the role of a smart watch for your doggy. There are so many features of the app such as you can manage the walks with your dog easily. Moreover, you can connect with your family via the app and take care of your dog. Whenever you are going on a walk with your dog, you can find a dog walking nearby to avoid any collision.

To begin with mean, you need to login to the app. Using a push button, you can quickly start and stop to record your walk. The app automatically pauses when you are going somewhere in the train or in a car. If you stay for more than 10 minutes at a spot such as a park or any other famous place, the app registers that place for future use. You can share the information to your social media accounts if you want to. 

The app has a brilliant dashboard which displays a graph, manages the history of daily walks in time series. The graph shows how many walks have been made against preset target values. Your monthly achievement of the walk is displayed in a list. Also, you can create your own territory map with a heat map.

To register, the app costs you only $2.99/ month and all the prices are subject to change. You can subscribe it for one month or take a premium plan.

In order to save the walk history data for more than the last three months, you need to register for a premium plan. The plan will be automatically renewed if you don’t cancel the subscription. You can always check the registration status and cancel the subscription in the settings menu.

So this app is amazing if you have a pet whom you really love. Go for it now!

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