The name might suggest you for a technical term related to software. Well, it’s not. It’s an IOS music application that has recently been added on iTunes market and developed by OMT LLC.

Now, it is a normal case for anyone to be going for a morning walk with headphones on in your ears and suddenly a car comes in a scratching sound of strong brakes just because you missed out on its horn. It is just not avoidable. Music cannot be ignored and safety comes first. There may also be other cases where you were just listening to tracks and missed an important announcement on the Airport. They are just uncountable. It’s time to say good bye to those worries as Filter has arrived. It is a music application, developed for I phone, I pad and I touch, with a lot of other inbuilt features. Of course, it offers lots of music.

Second, you can listen to your favorite music without missing any important sound heard around you. Here is how it’s done. It simply records all the sounds heard around you to the recent of minutes and playbacks it all whenever required. It depends upon the options you choose, when you want to hear the sounds. In auto playback mode, it will stop your music player and will play all the important sounds like announcements first happening at that time. You can also record all the sounds, and whenever you stop the music, it will automatically play all those sounds. There are lots of other features like replay, live playback, voice equalizer, etc. You can also mail the recorded sounds so that you do not lose something important.

The app works smoothly and even if it’s not on, it can record sounds. It will show up on the screen when it’s listening. So, it’s a great relief at a point of time when you are trying to get a piece of solace in a noisy place. However, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the name of the app. It is quite difficult to search for it on the web, even on the iTunes store. The name doesn’t suggest the full meaning of the application functionality and not a music related app, from any perspective. Other than that, you can directly control your IOS music player with Filter! You can search for any artist related information or images and videos using this app. So, it offers a lot of features within this one small package.

Filter! is a fun loving app. You can customize your recordings by trimming or altering the speed, etc.There are lots of fun elements associated. It fulfills the purpose it is made for very well. Voice reduction works good and recorded sounds are very much clear. So, it gives a very realistic view of the actual situation. The app is absolutely free and if made paid in the coming time, I will still suggest you to go for this one if the price fits the features well.

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