Regular is boring and the same concept is applicable for photos which play an important role in making occasion remarkable. With the new iPhone apps dealing with photo editing, the regular photos can be given a unique appeal and the app that does this the best is Doodle Booth by Underplot Apps. This app is available on iTunes for free and this can make the photo look amazing with sketch option. The sketch stickers are designed in such a way that it would seem that you have drawn them on the photo with the help of a regular ball pen. You can add funny stickers to the photos and let the photo spell fun.


The app, Doodle Booth, is not a new one. It has ruled the photo editing app world for last 2 years and millions of people have downloaded it and loved it. With its new upgraded version 2.1, which according to the company is the biggest update ever, you can do more with the pictures and the operation is so simple, that a kid would be able to use the same. The update will provide new export options, Instagram, built in Facebook, and Twitter integration, and color picker is added.  You can purchase in app update and get extra stickers, high resolution photo sharing and more. The app is a usable one with option to pick photos from Facebook and click a photo for editing.



  • The app feature awesome graphics quality and the stickers look real and hand drawn.
  • There are numerous stickers available in the free version of the app and you can upgrade to the full version with in app purchase. You will get access to new stickers; high resolution photo sharing and no ads would be displayed.
  • The option to choose photo from photo gallery, and Facebook is available. You can also choose to take instant photos and edit them.
  • You can share your edited photos directly through Facebook, and Twitter and can also access it through Instagram.
  • In you have relevant software installed; you can export the photos to Dropbox, Evernote, HDR Camera, Social networks, Halftone, wireless printing and more!
  • The color picker option allows you choose the color of the sticker.
  • You can use multiple stickers on a single photo.
  • The word balloon font selection is enabled.
  • The app is compatible to new retina display of the feature.
  • The new version added 10 new stickers for the free users and 20 more for the paid users.
  • The app requires iOS 5.0 or later version and it is now available for iOS 6.
  • The download size of the version 2.1 of the app is 50.4 MB.


Summary: Doodle Booth is a fun photo editing app with lots of features and new updates. Numerous stickers are there to choose from and the photos can be completely changed by the use of them.

Good: The sticker looks fresh and they seem to be drawn by hand. The app provides a fresh new look to the photos and the integration to social networking websites has made it, even more interesting.

Bad: Some of the features are not present in the free version, you require to spend $.0.99 to completely enjoy the app.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here