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The iphone app has game’s leading role as the tortoise and eagle. According to this app the eagle is very atrocious and evil, who like to eat the tortoise children to incline their physical strength .As a reason the the King eagle send his followers to catch the tortoise’s children to their islands. By these games, the tortoise projected as a warrior to rescue their children. It is believed to know that there are a lot of problems waiting for tortoise to overcome it well. Thus the game will start.

This potent iphone app is quite amazing game which includes four major levels; it will be appeared on stage effectively. While the four major levels divided into Spring Island, Summer Island, Autumn Island, Winter Island major points. It is understood that every large levels have 15 little levels, the tortoise need to pass all of levels on this four large points, while players will be in the game to enjoy with fun.

This amazing app has expedient sound quality in games, where players can enjoy with quality features. They too have wonderful graphics effect allowing the player to experience new visual journey. Eventually this potent game holds good for the adults and childrens.

Customer Rating:  *  *  *  *  *

This game is great but it needs a survival mode, gamecenter and more levels . Add this and this game will be my favorite!!!!!  – By Joey72839 (User Review)

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