Online gambling is an ever growing industry. Analysts conclude that the industry will be worth 60 billion in the US by the year 2022, which is very promising to startups. With this in mind, we should expect that more developers will invent apps that allow betting and other activities that gamers love.

There is no doubt that the internet brought in various benefits. Some of these benefits include easy reach where gamers do not have to go to a land-based casino to play these games. You can do it in the comfort of your home. However, the question we may continue to ask is where is the industry heading to?

Does it have a future? We will try to answer all these questions in this article. We will discuss

essential trends that we foresee happening in 2018 and the coming years.

  1. Increased traffic and expansion of the market

Males dominate the gambling market. One reason for this is that women have less free time than men do. Additionally, gambling is a risky endeavor that women tend to avoid. Nonetheless, amongst all findings, women will start engaging in online gaming as the systems continue to be user-friendly.

We should expect markets such as Africa and Asia to come in slowly. Note that Africa is the future and people in this continent are engaging in multiple betting as a way to earn some extra cash. You could also see some of the apps in Africa at

As other countries such as Germany eradicate gambling, other are doing their best to legalize the activity as a way to increase their market share and revenue. On the other hand, states that legalize it will have to install strict laws for the gambling companies to operate.

  1. Online gambling will be the most preferred gambling method

As the internet continues to be the most preferred method of getting information and entertainment, it will also become home to many gamblers. It also means that casinos will be easily reachable via the Pc and the mobile phone, with the Smartphone being the most preferred way of gambling.

Investors in this industry will have to come up with stable and secure websites that will guarantee the user that their money is safe regardless. Remember that fraudsters are taking advantage of rewards and bonuses to steal from people.

Nonetheless, the cashless mechanism will be the mode of payment as most people use debit and credit cards to pay for the various services. The websites and games will be easy to use and access. Live casinos will take the industry by storm as it gives users a live experience as that of a mortar and brick casino.

  1. An increase of cryptocurrency gambling

The cashless gambling systems continue to influence online gambling, which is an advantage to many because they no longer have to carry a lot of cash with them. Considering that most gaming sites also prefer this, cryptocurrency is now penetrating into the gambling world.

According to an article on, they stated that punters are now using digital currency to place their bets. In fact, during the 2018 world cup, hundreds of thousands used the different wallets to bet, which they could convert the won coins into currency.

Reports indicate that football clubs (like Arsenal), and legends such as Messi and Ronaldinho, are on the frontline of popular sports personalities that use coins. Besides, cryptocurrency gambling sites continue to attract many young techs, which is a trend that is on the rise as the days go by.