Getting a great media player that perfectly serves one’s entertainment needs is something fascinating. Apparently, Elmedia Player has clearly proven to be an exceptional tool when it comes to meeting the demands of the user. With the integration of a multifunctional feature, it has been able to facilitate music and video play of various formats. Besides, it is critical to note that it has been purposely designed to work on Mac device where its operation is quite efficient.

Some of the music formats that are supported by this media player include MP3, WMV, DAT, FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, SWF, MPG, FLAC, M4V among others. The interesting part is that this mac media player also contains web browser that is built-in; this allows quick browsing while searching for videos and music. Additionally, the open URL gives the user an incredible opportunity to watch videos from the online with much ease via the window within the app.

Experiencing the Elmedia Media Player

Interestingly, this amazing media player comes with a HD quality display in relation to the music and video content. This is meant to ensure that the user gets unstoppable experience that is smooth and with consistent flow. To ensure that there is no slow playback or any sort of slowdown in performance, Elmedia Player has integrated a perfect hardware decoding which ensures that the processor remains efficient.

Suitable Devices for Elmedia media player

Apparently, this current version 6.5.2 (912) of this Mac app requires the user to have installed OS X 10.7+ in order for it to work efficiently. This is attributed by the fact that it has integrated high quality features which makes it to operate on a strong platform.

Distinct Features identified in the Media Player Mac app:

Manage the saved subtitles

When using Elmedia Player, one can decide to manage the different media (like videos and music) which have been downloaded. Some of the features that can be applied include font color, size, border color, encoding and the general font. Besides, the subtitles can be loaded in automatic way in different format like .smil, .ass or .srt. Other features include delay option to perfectly sync the video with music.

Create a perfect video playback

This feature applies effectively when a particular frame for the starting and ending period is set. Elmedia can also assist in ensuring that the video doesn’t loop only in constant motion but sync well with the music. Any issue resulting from the audio delay is perfectly fixed. Other boosted features for the playback include speed adjustment, flipping, rotating and pausing videos.

A chance to access videos on online platform

With the aid of Elmedia Player, the user can access platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo without the need of an external browser; this is actually facilitated by the app itself. There is also no need to get the YouTube Red subscription to access such videos or even download them. Elmedia Player got everything covered!

Develop SWF files from Flash projectors

When it comes to the process of converting flash projectors files to the easily accessible SWF files, the process is quite fast and effective. An individual can proceed to rename the file ( if there is need to do so) after the process has been completed.

Generate amazing screenshots

How about capturing the wonderful moments exhibited in different movies and transforming them into attractive screenshot? This can create a fantastic spectacle! The user of this media player can proceed to store such images on Mac in different format like GIF, TIFF and PNG.

Users with the ability to upgrade to Pro Version of this Mac app will get a chance to enjoy features such as video download and soundtracks, video screenshot, Airplay, and apply playback settings.

Here are the Pros and Cons discovered from this Media Player Mac app:


· High quality screenshot images

· Easy conversion of files to make them playable

· Supports almost all type of format; great multifunctional tool

· Easy download of videos

· All features accessed through user-friendly app’s interface


· Reduced performance if not updated

· Crash bugs noted; need to be fixed

Final Verdict

This great media player for Mac has exhibited exceptional performance when it comes to high quality content delivery. This makes it to be consistently become one of the top-rated apps designed for entertainment. Its easy-to-use approach which is perfectly supported by the app’s interface makes it unique. It is time to get started with Elmedia Player Mac App. Download it today!

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