After a long break or injury, what’s the most important thing that comes in your mind first? It’s only about your health and fitness! Isn’t it? If you’re out for some days and busy in your work life, you can’t do anything to stay fit such as running, etc. Moreover, if you got injured few days back staying fit is very important for you, you can’t resist it. But, you’re hopeless at that time and wait till you recover. After the recovery, if you want to get back on track and start your fitness routine, you must take some guidance or start some course.

Yes, there is a free educational course developed for those, who want to start their training or get back on track after a long break. This course is being given by the SOTKA app which has been developed by Anton Kuchumov and falls under the ‘Health & Fitness category. It requires iOS 10.0 Or later versions of the OS and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app also works on the Apple Watch as well.

The app’s main goal is to educate and train people of any age, gender or physical conditions. If you are trying to be more physically active and want to burn more calories, this fitness app can help you on your way. Do you know that Sotka has helped 3 lakh people all over the world to transform their lives to live a healthy and happy life. SOTKA program is designed for 100 days, and each and every day you will get new useful information and perform training conolexed consisted of basic bodyweight exercises.

You must be aware about the fact that the exercise is just like a medicine which cures all the diseases. It’s easy to start, has few side effects when done properly, and doesn’t need a prescription. It is the most cost-effective medicines of all time. Not only this, physical activities lowers your risk of depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a lot more. So SOTKA will help you out of this in a very short period of time, but you need to follow it fully!

SOTKA is divided into 2 big theory blocks, each of which is covering all the main topics and providing answers to all your questions.

  • Basic Block (Day 1 to Day 49)
  • It covers a detailed review of bodyweight exercises and detailed review of nutrition.
    • Covers answers to the most popular beginner’s questions such as: how to breathe, how to improve flexibility, how to train during summer/winter, how to learn pull-ups from scratch, how much water to drink, how long should training session be, etc.
  • Advanced Block (Day 50 to Day 91)
  • Exercises biomechanics and muscle work.
  • New training techniques every week.
  • Detailed review on different body systems.
  • Practicum on training programme development.
  • Turbo Block (Day 92 to day 98)

You have to challenge yourself with 7 unique training routines.

So, I would say the SOTKA is a brilliant app for staying fit and helps to achieve your target in just 100 days. Give it a try now!

Be the change you want to see in this world!

Pros: fitness app; provide free educational course to stay fit in 100 days; easy to use; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App