Sometimes it becomes quite frustrating when an individual cannot adequately share all the opinions in mind via the social media, right? This is mostly because some of the things that may be pointed out will end up getting quoted and judged in relation to the user’s identity. This mostly ends up being a subject of criticism and scrutiny from the public domain. Since the recent unveiling of the Candid app, things have now taken a different turn. Users can now have an opportunity to conduct lots of conversations and even share vital or controversial information in a candid way.

Meanwhile, the users will discover one unique aspect from the Candid app; its objective is aimed at reducing any form of harassment and abuse that may be incurred from posting content on social sites. This is through adopting the anonymous approach for the users. Besides, this incredible app has integrated human moderators who help out in filtering out abusive or offensive content.

The Operation of Candid app

Surprisingly, the user will be amazed on how this incredible app actually functions. At first, the user will discover that this app has integrated location-based function that allows one to get personalized feeds on different posts and content. Candid app facilitates different forms of topics which can range from education, neighborhood, employment and other interests.

Another interesting component discovered in the Candid app is its ability to filter out offensive posts such as hate speech, threats and slander in a very effective manner. This is absolutely facilitated by the human moderators together with the inbuilt algorithms. Besides, users can opt to sign up using Facebook; however the privacy rules (data encryption) should be completely be adhered to.


Suitable Devices for Candid app

Currently, Candid app has purposely been designed to operate on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Besides, iOS 8.0 or any new version of operating system in the market can also support this app. This is due to the capabilities displayed by these devices in seamlessly working with the app.

The noticeable features displayed by this incredible app include the following:

Amazing chat rooms with favorite topics to discuss

This is one unique feature that the user will come across in the Candid app. It has actually facilitated groups or chat rooms where individuals can get into the topics being discussed and contribute effectively. Individuals can sign up for favorite topics of their interest; these may include celebrity gossips, politics and even about different cities, towns and neighborhood!

Offensive posts are properly dealt with

This great app seems to take great consideration when it comes to tackling the issue of harassment and abuse. In most apps, it has been evident that some people may try to launch attacks on other users. With the presence of anonymity in Candid app, users identity remains hidden thus not prone to attacks.

Algorithms and moderators to filter out any abusive content

Apparently, the main objective of introducing moderators and algorithms is to assist in eliminating any offensive or abusive content that may be noted. This will help curb issues related to harassment while using the app. Besides, the aspect of content being posted in an anonymous manner may pose a threat where some users may make vicious abusive posts.

Application of new randomized username

This feature is applicable when one is making a new post on Candid app platform. Some of the username are quite fascinating, for instance, ‘curious lemur’ can be auto-suggested by the app. Meanwhile, there are different badges that this incredible app can offer its users in relation to their overall stands; whether they are consistently negative or positive. In most cases, such stands are based on the overall sentiments, posts and consistency from the user.


Here are the Pros and Cons that one will find out from the Candid app:


· Absolutely fun and entertaining platform

· High level of privacy using anonymous identity

· Easy to setup an account or sign up

· A unique chance to fully express ideas

· A chance to enjoy personalized feeds on different topics


· May not serve the need of bringing friends closer

· Difficult to maintain or stabilize civil discussion due to offensive posts


With the rising need to control harassment and abuse on social media, Candid app is fully dedicated to offer the ultimate solution to its users. With the user of anonymous identity, users stand a chance to express their sentiments freely. Despite the challenges experienced in maintaining civilized discussion, Candid app gives the best approach of controlling the situation by placing moderators and algorithm systems. This makes it an exceptional anonymous app worth adopting. Why not download it for free at App Store? Try it out today!

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