How many times have you found out about a cool thing to do or go, and then realize it’s over? Last minute invites or after the fact notices occurs pretty often. Though there are several social media apps giving information about events and happenings, they are not available in real time. You generally get to see what has happened and not what’s happening. Now, shift to Happyning, a new app made for all those who want to enjoy any event in real time.


Happyning is a new app on the market that uses hashtags and geo-tagging.Putting most current social events near you on the map, so that you know about the event,and you know where it is located. This is far more different from Instagram, SnapChats, Twitter, and Facebook. All these social media apps will not provide you current social events in real time and that is where Happyning is different.


One more thing that is very unique about Happyning is that the hash tags vanish after 2 hours. So, if you’re in the app and you see a hashtag, it’s fresh and happening at that moment! You don’t get to see an event that is over. Happenings within the 2 mile radius will be visible to you. You can also post your own “Happyning” with pictures of you or the location. You can do it with your name or you can do it anonymously.


The app is made for all those who believe in living every moment. If you are new to a city or just in town for business, you can make a “no plans” moment into something eventful with the new app. You can search text based hash tags, see videos, check the trending ones.

Join the community of “Happyning”. The app is currently available for iPhone users.

Good:Every event that is mentioned in the app is fresh.

Bad:Removing the hash tags completely could be replaced by using a time frame for the same.

Worth Having App – Download the App