Maybe this will be first experience with chat stories, a genre that has overwhelmed youth culture. Or on the other hand possibly you definitely knew somewhat about them however haven’t downloaded any applications yet. In any case, trust me this review will help you locate some splendid chat story to give a shot in your relaxation time. So download Fionas Secret – Chat Story Game from Play store and the App store.

To summarize the story: Fiona is the woman of your dreams. As you try to get closer to her, you don’t realize the danger you put her and yourself into. Nick a very attractive friend, also tries to get closer to her. Suddenly he disappears, without a trace. You are suspected too. So can you solve this mystery? Are you able to protect your loved ones? Will you find the love of your life?

So take your choices carefully, because you’ll decide the ending of this story. Fiona’s Secret is an interactive chat game. You chat through various chapters and experience an exciting story. Every decision you make will have consequences.

Be careful, and become the director of your exciting adventure. Fiona’s Secret is written in a gender neutral way, so you are able to play the story regardless of your gender. I must confess that you will spend hours getting lost in the stories. So if you’re preparing for a long plane or train ride, this app could make the journey more bearable and worth spending. This makes every story even more engaging and takes full advantage of the technology available on your smartphone.