Have you ever wanted to control music from the palm of your hands? Yes, all the music lovers would like to handle music the way they wish. If you are a singer you might want to remove the vocals yourself. A DJ might desire to split the powerful portions and create mashups and remixes. Users can also get their hands on the level at which each instrument is played in a song. They can boost the drums or bass and play their imagination to get a unique listening experience.  
Every music lover must try this awesome app named EasySplitter. It belongs to the Music & Audio in the Play Store and Utilities in the App Store. The AI-based service allows you to split the vocal from any song. Given by the developer Alexey Podolian, EasySplitter comes with features that allow you to split any song into 4 STEMs: Vocal, Instrumental, Drums and Bass.  
It comes with files History and does not display any ads. The splitter history helps you to keep track of the files that you have converted so far. EasySplitter would be suitable for everyone like DJs, Singers and Students. It processes everything much faster wherein users will be able to split the songs so easily. To split the audio files, you must select the files that are available in the following formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A, WMA OR FLAC.  
EasySplitter is proven to be bug-free and tested by professionals. The app can be used on the web as well as the mobile app. The interface is so clean and neat and you won’t have any trouble using it. It comes with a Lite and Pro plan version for ordinary and professional users respectively. The ordinary plan allows users to split the songs to 2 stems: vocal and instrumental while the professional plan lets the users split the track into all the 4 stems: vocal, instrumental, drums and bass.  
Another important use of EasySplitter is that, it can be used as a Karaoke Maker. Users can easily eliminate the vocals from any song and leave the accompaniment and then just add the lyrics. 
When you have any queries, you can send a message to the team through email on [email protected]. You can also go to the support page in the user panel and fill the support request form to get any queries answered or submit your feedback. By giving your email address, you can subscribe to the deals and discounts of the application. EasySplitter is completely free for download and it would be of great use when you want to control music the way you desire.