An invitation is as important as the event for which you are sending them off! It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a birthday party, an engagement, a baby shower, or even a wedding, invitation cards or e-invites have their importance. Physical invitation cards are used in most parts of the world up till now. Today, modern technology has provided us with the solution to design invites on our own and send them for free to our guests. The best part about digital invitation designing and sharing is that you can save paper waste with the help of these cards.

If you are not familiar with digital invitation cards and don’t know how to make them on your smartphone, you should read the next sections. Today, we have mentioned the details of the best invitation maker free applications to generate the best invites for your guests. There are dozens of invitation maker applications, but not all of them are good for you. Keeping in mind this, we have shortlisted the best invitation maker apps available on the play store.

Invitation Maker Free – Birthday & Wedding Card

This invitation maker application belongs to the famous CA apps. It is ranked among the most brilliant designer apps on the play store. This invitation maker is extremely easy to use, and you do not even need any skills to use this app on your android phone. Usually, people think that to use this invitation maker apps, you have to be an expert in writing, but this is wrong. Anyone and everyone can use this invitation maker application, even people who know nothing about designing a card.

In this invitation maker app, you would find thousands of different templates to create the perfect invite easily. You have to install this invitation card maker app on your android device, open it up and select the event/occasion category for which you want to create invites. In each category, you would find hundreds of templates from which you have to select the one which interests you the most. You can easily customize the template and save the final design on your local storage!

Canva Invitation maker

The Canva Invitation maker application is another well-reputed service that can be used to create posters, banners, logos, invites, emblems, covers, and other graphic content. This designer application is extremely easy to use and is considered the best choice for professionals and newbies. This invitation maker application can help you design a card from scratch and provide you with a huge variety of templates from which you can select the one that captures your attention. You can edit & customize the template as per your choice, and you can easily send it off to your guests using third-party platforms.

Invitation maker by greetings island

This invitation card maker is best for creating both formal and informal invitation cards. This invitation maker has sections regarding every occasion, including Birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and even office parties. You have to choose the event and pick the perfect template for you. The huge collection of themes and designs makes it easier for the user to customize their cards. This source is very easy to use, and you don’t need any experience to use it. The only con this designer app has is that it doesn’t allow you to add images to the cards.

Wedding and Birthday Invitations by Desygner

This is a very tough invitation maker application. This app gives profoundly serious competition to other apps’ services on this list. This is just because of the friendly interface it has and the bunch of cool templates if offered. You would get hundreds of editable templates in this application. You have to select the perfect one for your event. This invitation maker app lets you change the card’s backgrounds, the layers, the opacity, and even the color schemes. The final card can be saved under the ‘my projects’ section of this application, and you can edit or share it anytime you want. This is the best platform for creating birthday and wedding invites!

Invitation card Maker (GIF/Videos)

This invitation maker is also best for android users as it can be installed for free and provides tons of customization options. This is one of the only resources on the play store, which allows you to add video and GIF content in the templates that it has to offer. This invitation card maker app has the simplest interface, and even a layperson can know how to run it. This invitation maker app comes with both free and paid options using which you can enjoy different features. The only known con of this invitation maker is that it has a limited number of themes from which you can play!