Even kids can take pictures and record videos these days, thanks to the invention of smart phone which has made this revolution possible. In spite of this monumental achievement many people still face difficulties when it comes to downloading, uploading and transferring of pictures and videos from one device to another. Easy Media Transfer is a very useful and innovative app which helps to solve this issue. This app has been developed and launched by Juan Ramon Rivero through JR Mobile Apps for iPhones and iPad’s. Easy Media Transfer app requires iOS 4.3 or later for its effective functioning. This app is a blessing for those who have difficulty in transferring their captured memories between two devices.


How it works?

Easy Media Transfer has been designed with a simple and user friendly interface so that the users can navigate with ease. The interface has been designed in an intuitive manner. The users can easily send or receive files, and the uploading and the downloading of pictures and videos can also be done in a very simple manner. All the instructions needed for any kind of activity is clearly illustrated in the main screen of the app, the user just needs to follow these instructions to complete their task successfully.


You can easily transfer pictures back and forth between the computer and your mobile phone. The only requirement for the transfer process is that all the devices be connected to the same wireless network and all the devices have this app installed in them. Transferring between the apple devices is truly a simple task with Easy Media Transfer. The app also has a feature which will automatically identify the devices when they are connected to the same wireless network; this simplifies the work for the user.



  • Exchange between the iDevices with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • The app works perfectly with any kind of computer which has the internet browser installed.
  • Easy Media Transfer is a universal App.
  • Another exclusive feature of the app allows the users to transfer their photos directly to the camera roll. It also allows them to create albums in the fly. This is the specialty feature about this app.
  • The Photo Viewer in the app allows the user to select any number of pictures which they want to send. There is no set limit.
  • The app maintains the properties of the picture even when there is some compensation in the quality.
  • The app also includes the Drop Box feature
  • The users will not lose any information about their pictures such as date, time or any kind of description which may have been added. The videos and the photos have the same resolution, the user is also provided with the option where he or she can select the quality of the picture to be transferred when there are space constraints.



Easy Media Transfer is the best app for transferring media files for people with more than one apple product. The app is available for download at the App Store for just $1.99.

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