If you are a fan of Fruit Ninja but just can’t get enough of it and wish there was more to it, then the Android app Bad Bad Rats is sure to please you. This app is very similar to the popular Fruit Ninja but has maintained a unique identity of its own with special characters, exciting gameplay and fun features worth exploring.


Control of the app is very, very simple. All you have to do is to swipe in order to smash the objects that fall to save the little flower. There are many interesting levels that get you more than enough with slicing rubbish. To get to the next level, you have to accumulate a particular number of stars and if you wish to challenge yourself, then you must give a shot at winning all the three stars. If this is not enough, then there is also a special bonus level with surprises for you. Unlocking it is however not easy but pretty challenging indeed.


The graphics in the game are great. The rats and the flower are really cute and there is a comic atmosphere to the entire game. You just have to be careful to protect the flower from being hurt and look out for some huge garbage piles in some of the levels. If you drop the garbage over three times, then the flower shall die. Also, keep distance from the bomb as it spells fatal danger.


The Bad Bad Rats app game is very addictive. It sure is more advanced than Fruit Ninja and shall exercise your fingers really well. You have drive out the bad rats from the garden to save the flowers. As simple as this might sound, it is not. Nonetheless, it is a lot of fun and is highly engaging a game.

The challenge in the game is to smash as many objects as you can try to grab bonuses, win all the 3 stars, all of this with losing as few lives as possible. This game does not have any extra modes or special features but the many levels are sure to keep you hooked. The surprise gifts add a different level of excitement that will keep you going with the game. The game is lot of fun at  first, but the lack of any special features means that it does not stand out all that much among the slicing and slashing games.


The controls of the game are very smooth and work almost perfectly. The updates are all free with lots of fun levels and surprises that await you. The user interface is very attractive, colorful  and creative too. The simplicity of the app can be quite a disadvantage at times but the essence of this game lies in exactly that. The fact that the game does not have any extra features makes the ones that are present to run smoothly without the least troubles. And the straightforward and enterprising theme is sure to keep you interested for days on end.

Good: The theme and cartoon graphics

Bad: This app game does not have any extra features

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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