WE have all tried it, moving, something we all hate and we are always looking to find the easiest way around it, and it is not just the moving part we try to avoid, packing up all our belongings is also something that will give us nightmares and keep us up at night. All the boxes all the writing small labels on them and remembering when they fall of what you put in which box and opening the same box 10 times when you get to your new house. We know it all too well.


But fear not, help is on the way, there is a new app out there that will help you get organized and make moving so much easier. This app will give you the chance to put the correct labels on the box and help you make sure it it’s the correct room it is put in from the beginning.

Snap´n pack uses QR codes, all you do it snap a picture of the items packed, scan it, print the code add it to the box, when you get to the new house then you simply scan the label you put on it, you then know what is the contend of the box and you are able to get the box to the right room straight away avoiding ending up i with your winter clothes in the kitchen and your kitchen appliances in the nursery.


This app is perfect for people who always end up packing both books and winter socks in the same box, they are in need for this app, it will make it so much easier to be them and they are now able to keep track of all items without all the hassle.

But the app is not just for moving, if you are storing something in the attic or at a storage facility, then it is perfect, you pack the things up, you scan it, make the label, and then you just have to scan the label later to find out what is the content of the box you are looking at.

Imagine finding all your Christmas decorations quick and easy, you just scan the boxes in the attic and you quick and easily find the correct boxes, no more looking through more than a dozen boxes to find the one with the decorations and bobs your uncle, you are on the way to having a less stressful Christmas.


With Snap n Pack you are able to store things easily, read the label and make sure you never again is forced to open 100 boxes before you find what you were looking for.

Pro: easy to use, it is free, all people can use it

Con: it will not help you if you do not print it, nor will it help you if you do not have your smart phone with you.

All in all, an app that will help you to get organized when you are storing or moving things, but it is also something you will appreciate and everybody can scan the boxes all they need is a QR scanner and they are ready to go.

Worth Having App – Download the App