When you have a pen and paper in your hand, does the pen just flow to form shapes of its own accord? If that is what you love doing, or to put it simply, if doodling is something you enjoy, then DoodleBook is a new drawing game that takes the art of doodling to a new social level, being a live manifestation of the fact that human creativity has absolutely no boundaries.


The concept of the app is quite simple. You begin with a common prompt and doodle all you wish around it. Just let those funky crazy ideas spill onto paper. Before doing this, you need to find yourself a partner, whom you can choose from your email or Facebook, or opt for a random person or a specific friend already on this app. Find out how crazy your ideas and your friends’ ideas can get. Once you are both done drawing, you then compare results with one another. The objective of the game could be plain fun or even competition. And what’s more? You can share your own doodles and your friends’ doodles and even like them.


Doodling is not meant for artists. Even those who might not be known for their artistic skills can be excellent at doodling. You can surprise your friends with some cool doodles and give them some whacky titles to make it better. The app has a highly powerful zoom that makes drawing precise and easy.


Whether you wish to compete or have fun, you could go ahead and challenge your own friends or play against any random stranger on the app. The app game works on the basis of turns so that you get all the time you need to work on your doodle. There is also a DoodlePlay mode that allows you to enjoy the art of drawing by letting you do so without any constraints of time or any pressure. If you wish to go head on in a competition, then DoodleDare your friends to test your skills and let the app community decide who the better of the two is.

You can even win coins to purchase tools that will get you a long way through in your competitions. If you wish to know where you stand as a doodler, then you can log on to the DoodleDig mode, where you shall find the doodles of others that start with the same prompt as yours. Interact with fellow artists on the app by liking, sharing and commenting on doodles. Also, you can save all of your doodles on to your own personal gallery and even go through the most favorite and popular galleries of the times.


The Doodlebook iOS app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It comes in not only English but even French. So, if doodling is what you enjoy, then DoodleBook is an app community that you will truly enjoy. Just get creative and let your creativity take over and become a master doodler.

Good: Different modes as per your requirement

Bad: The fact that there are no time constraints, simply because people produce their best works when under pressure

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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