When I’m not exploring games on these days, I like to take a short breather and actively relax with some latest releases of dating apps on the App Store. If users followed news about this app, namely  DTR: Dating, Friends & Hookups developed by Determine the Relationship LLC over the past few weeks, then you’ll know that how good would be.

Are you tired of swiping then try this world’s first app for meeting people using a Drag & Drop feature.

What makes us special?

It is primarily noted that every dating app requires you to swipe left or right on people and that’s what makes us different. We wanted to be an all-in-one relationship app, to prevent you from using more than one. This app has innovative design that permits you to Drag & Drop people into a set of categories which includes:


Actively find people near you that share common interests and activities to build friendships with.


Immensely spice up your dating life with a potential partner waiting to meet you.


Are you looking for a fun time with no strings attached then this section is strictly for you.


In case if you are not interested in someone, then you can skip them and you won’t have to worry about matching ever again.

How does it work?

  • When you discover someone, simply drag and drop profiles into categories of your interest.
  • Receive notifications that you can accept or decline.
  • Initiate meaningful chats with people you have matched with.

DTR is free to download and use and that will never change for our main features. However, if you’re searching to get the most from DTR, you can subscribe to optional subscription packages.


  • Remove ads – Enjoy a completely ad free experience
  • Unlimited Matches-Remove Drag & Drop limits
  • Refill -Receive 1 super like a day


  • Remove ads -Enjoy a completely ad free experience
  • Unlimited Matching and Messaging -Remove daily chat limits and Drag & Drop limits
  • Refill – Receive 5 super likes a day
  • Read Receipts -Conversations will show when users read your messages
  • Boost -Be one of the top profiles in your area. Increase your chances for a match
  • Search Bar -Search conversations by their first name


I knew that DTR: Dating, Friends & Hookups app was something special and I must to try out. And without a doubt in my mind, it is another great app which wholly satisfies users and won’t disappoint.