Whether you’re an expert at drawing or just willing to spend some time while having fun, Draw n’ Go Awesomeness brings an exciting experience right at your fingertips. The game is based on strategy, as you do need to draw a path for the awesome meme (smiley face) to reach the recycle bin while trying not to bump into obstacles. Once you get the hang of it, it can turn out to be challenging and fun as you go through the levels.

If you recognize this meme, you will definetly love to see it roll through obstacles with style (if you can figure out a path!). Things like time and originality do matter in the game for the scoring. As long as you draw the least amount of paths, your score will increase as fast as the meme reaches the recycle bin. You should also remember the ink level on your top left side of the screen because, once that ink runs out, you can draw no more.

As the levels increase, the harder the obstacles get. If you finish level pack 1, level pack 2 has more intense levels to increase your skills and it only costs 99 cents. So this game guarantees that, if you enjoy it, then you can keep on playing knowing that you actually like it. The game includes 11 worlds and 110 fun levels where you can draw your way to “awesomeness”. They also have high quality music in which you can either listen or turn off when you’re in the main menu. The best part is that they keep updating the game with new worlds as well as new maps to discover. If you’re into looking at the leaderboards, then they do have the worldwide high scores.

The game is pretty fun and easy to use and there are ads but it keeps the game free to use! As far as the game reviews go, it was just updated on August 10th and it has great look. The graphics are pretty sweet because it has that paper and pen feeling. If I could compare it to any game, it would be Slice it! Due to the strategy involved as well as the background layout. In conclusion, this game is worth the download because it is a simple way to keep you busy without a lot of effort.

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