Zombies eat food too! You too can own your Zombie Restaurant and make fast money while making gruesome recipes. The purpose of the game is to protect the city from the hungry zombies who terrorize it. Once your zombies’ bellies are full, they go back to their graves to sleep. As you feed them all, you will need 60 recipes to awaken new zombies from other graves. Use their Frenzy Mode to earn multiple combos as well as other hidden zombies.

While in Frenzy Mode, you can earn money much faster. You will have different cookbooks to choose from: you will have your own recipe book, where all your recipes can be saved and you can use them again in your restaurant for Frenzy Mode. You can also learn the Basics for Zombies cookbook which are just simple recipes used to get you started with limited knowledge. You can also learn from the Iron Chef and his cookbook if you can’t figure out new ways to cook.

Whether the Zombies go out at day or night, you will work for the mayor to keep the streets clean and safe. Decorate your restaurant to attract your zombie clients. In order to decorate, you will have 200 items to mix and match to your liking. Your staff may become sick while dealing with Zombies, so it’s good that you have friends with other restaurants so that you can cure each other’s staff.

Other perks of Zombie Restaurant would be their daily Zombie rewards as well as many quests and achievements, which make this game hard to put down. You may have already seen cooking games, but nothing is as interesting as Zombie Restaurant. If we can find other ways to get some points in the game like for example: purchasing brains for cash. If you really want your restaurant to be the best on the block, it has to look good and you need to be on your toes once the zombies come in.

While you have constant zombie traffic, it will be much easier to enter Frenzy Mode. Always remember to leave a tip for your friends so that you can receive tips from them. Gamewave registration allows you to connect with your friends in the game as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. In conclusion, Zombie Restaurant is one of the apps that set itself apart from the rest, adding some spice to the already existing trend of restaurant games.

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